FAQs and Fees - Calendar


Judge Keith Dean
Senior State District Judge
State of Texas


NOTE: Until April 2016, Judge Dean will be sitting by assignment as a visiting judge
and unavailable for mediations.
Please check the schedules of Judge Henderson or Judge Davis.

Check Judge Dean's Calendar or Schedule a Mediation Session
Judge Dean shares a booking system with other retired judge-mediators;
make sure you select "Judge Keith Dean";
and that the confirmation will shows Judge Dean under the Staff assignment

Please do not schedule a mediation unless the other side has agreed to the date.


Phone: 214.704.4854

Email: judgekeithdean@yahoo.com

Judge Keith Dean served as an elected judge for twenty years. While serving on the bench, he was honored to be elected by his fellow judges to be the presiding judge over all of the courts in their jurisdiction. He is frequently asked to speak at seminars for lawyers on the topics of ethics and jury selection. He has also been an instructor at the Texas Center for the Judiciary's College for New Judges. He now serves as a Senior District Judge, mediator and arbitrator. 

Utilize his experience in your next mediation or arbitration.