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What is the easiest way to reserve a mediation with Judge Davis?

Browse through the available dates on the calendar and reach an agreement with the other side for a date. (You can even browse online while you talk on the phone with the other side and let them know what dates are available). Select the agreed date and complete the form online. Please provide opposing counsel's email address (or the legal assistant you are working with). Judge Davis and his staff will take over from there. If you have not reached an agreement on a mediation date, do not schedule online.

Why do you require deposits?

Three reasons. I actually do a lot of work reviewing material the attorneys provide me and some that I acquire from the court file. For example, in a divorce case I frequently try to prepare my own 'worksheet' of assets and liabilities before I meet with you. In addition, I limit my mediation dates because I am retired. By accepting your case I may be keeping someone else from securing a date that they wanted, or maybe even keeping from from using me as their mediator. Finally, in some instances there is confusion or miscommunication about who is paying the mediation fee, and this procedure allows everyone to address that issue early in the process.

What happens if I pay my deposit but the other side doesn't?

This shouldn't happen if you have reached the date by agreement. But to alleviate any concerns, if the other party does not pay the required deposit timely, your date will be released back to the public and your deposit returned to you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For the deposits we accept checks and credit cards (through a Paypal invoice). For the balance of the mediation fee we only accept cash, cashiers checks and attorney law firm checks. We do not accept checks from the litigants for the mediation fee.

Do you provide meals and snacks?

For full day mediations we provide lunch. For all mediations we provide snacks and drinks.




  • Full day rate is $1,400 per side for two party cases ($400 deposit + $1,000)

  • Half day rate is $750 per side for two party cases ($400 deposit + $350)
           Half day is NOT recommended for Family Law cases


Most dates will require a non-refundable deposit of $400 per party to secure a commitment.

You will receive specific instructions on how to pay your deposit after you reserve your date.

We will hold your payment until all parties have paid the required deposit. (If one party does not pay the required deposit timely, your date will be released back to the public and your deposit returned. Checks or credit cards are accepted for deposits).

The balance of the fees are due at the commencement of an ADR proceeding. These fees must be paid by cash, cashier's check or the attorney's law firm checks. 

 Arbitrations -Special Judge - Special Master

Binding and non-binding arbitrations - Special Judge (Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Chapter 151) - Special Master (Texas Rules of Civil Procedure 171) - fees to be negotiated depending on case and circumstances - range from $250 to $400 an hour.

Judge Davis will  work with you to creatively tailor the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process to best serve your needs and circumstances. By consulting with Judge Davis early in the dispute, your clients can often obtain resolution in more affordable means; avoiding the expense of prolonged discovery and litigation. For example, most elect to have their preliminary hearings occur by email and conference call - cost effective and convenient for the parties.

For more information contact us by email.